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Intel Celeron 300A - 80524RX300128 / BX80524R300128 300 MHz 128 KB L2 cache Single Edge Processor package (slot 1) Front view Image reduced 2x times The first microprocessor based on Mendocino core. This processor is marked as "300A/66", the suffix "A" is used to distinguish it from older Covington Celeron 300/66 CPU. CPU-Upgrade: Intel Celeron 300 MHz CPU

Intel Celeron - Wikipedia Intel Celeron(インテル セレロン)は インテルの x86 アーキテクチャの マイクロプロセッサ のうち、低価格(エントリー、ローエンド、廉価) PC向けの マイクロプロセッサに与えられるブランド名である [1]。 Sbírkový procesor DLP DMD chip + slot + chlazení | Aukro Sbírkový procesor DLP DMD chip 1076-631AW + slot + chlazení . Bez záruky na funkčnost. Rozprodej přebytku sbírky. Foto je reálné. Historické procesory jsou vhodnou investicí, jejich sběratelská cena neustále roste. CPU AMD Athlon 550 MHz Slot A | Aukro Prodám CPU AMD Athlon 550 Mhz do Slotu A. Procesor nemám jak odzkoušet, a tak prodávám bez záruky na funkčnost. Procesor Cyrix MII-233GP - 187,5MHz - GOLD - FSB 75MHz | Aukro

The Pentium II brand refers to Intel's sixth-generation microarchitecture ("P6") and ... Core name(s). Klamath; Deschutes; Tonga; Dixon. Socket(s). Slot 1; MMC-1 ... Intel stratified the Pentium II family by releasing the Pentium II-based Celeron line ... The 300 MHz version, however, only became available in quantities later in ...

Celeron - Wikipedia Although clocked at 266 or 300 MHz ... however it has been discovered that multiprocessing could be enabled on Slot 1 Celeron processors by connecting a pin on the ... Intel Celeron 300 MHz - BX80523R300000 - CPU World Intel Celeron 300 MHz desktop CPU: ... Other families, P6 micro-architecture, Slot 1 Celeron 80524RX366128 (366 MHz) 366 MHz > Celeron 80524RX400128 (400 MHz) CELERON 300 MHZ Slot 1 - $13.30 | PicClick CELERON 300 MHZ Slot 1 - $13.30. Celeron 300 MHz Slot 1. Condition is Used. 273773028369 Intel Celeron 300 MHz Slot 1 - SL2YP > 3SF Media

CELERON 300 MHZ Slot 1 - $13.30. Celeron 300 MHz Slot 1. Condition is Used. 273773028369

Intel Celeron je dnes zástupce low-endové řady procesorů amerického výrobce Intel. Procesory Celeron jsou založeny na několika různých rodinách procesorů Pentium II, Pentium III a Pentium 4. Má být přímou konkurencí pro procesory třídy AMD … Toshiba SurePOS 300, 2GB RAM, Celeron, 64GB SSD Procesor Intel Dual Core Celeron T3100 (1,9 GHz) 32 KB L1 cache / 1 MB L2 Cache Čipová sada Intel GL40 / ICH9M 800 MHz FSB Základní paměť 2 GB 800 MHz DDR3

Las mejores ofertas para CPU Intel Celeron SL2WM 300MHz SLOT1 + Ventilador están en eBay Compara precios y características de productos nuevos y usados Muchos ...

BXcel Chipset. Supports Celeron(266~433MHz), Pentium II(233~450MHz), Pentium III(450~600 MHz) 66/100MHz FSB. Slot 1 & PPGA Celeron PII L1/L2 Cache Memory Socket 370 processors 300~533MHz 66MHZ FSB. 3 DIMM Sockets 768 MB Max Memory PC66/100 SDRAM. 1 AGP, 3 PCI, 1 ISA slot(s). Comes with connector for AT and ATX Power Supply. UDMA 33. Slot 1 Celeron 300A heatsink bolt hole spacing : overclocking Slot 1 Celeron 300A heatsink bolt hole spacing (self.overclocking) submitted 1 month ago by windowsfrozenshut. Any old school overclockers out there happen to know what the bolt hole spacing is for the Slot 1 heatsinks? Particular cpu is a Celeron 300A. Been searching online for a while and I can't find any data. Classic Computer Shop - PC Slot 1 Processors Classic Computer Shop specializes in classic / vintage / retro / old / legacy computers, parts and accessories from the 70's, 80's and 90's. On this webshop you can buy hardware from legacy Apple, Atari, Commodore, MSX, PC's and other classic computer systems, offered with warranty & returnable, shipped from The Netherlands. celeron - Newegg.com

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CPUs, similar to Intel Celeron 300 MHz. The Celeron 300 MHz is a Slot 1 microprocessor, based on Covington core. There are also 3 Covington processors, that work in the same socket. Below you will find partial characteristics and stepping information for these chips. Intel Celeron 400A (Slot-1) - AnandTech

Jan 27, 1999 ... Intel Celeron 400A (Slot-1) ... 1 Comments | Add A Comment ... The success overclockers received with the Celeron 300A was tremendous, ... II was outfitted with a hefty amount of cache operating at a reasonable frequency. Intel Celeron Slot 1 Computer Processors (CPUs) for sale | eBay